About us

Established in 1982, Cartonal Co. are leaders in the manufacturing of corrugated protection boards.

Cartonal is the largest producer and wholesaler of polypropylene waterproofing membranes protection boards in the Middle East.
Our main office in Beirut carries out the operations for our offices and agents in the GCC countries; and our representatives and offices in KSA, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Canada.

The manufacturing plant - also situated In Lebanon - covers an area of 5000m2 which has a production capacity of over 10 million square meters and handles all the needs of the engineers, construction companies, and building products suppliers.

Our research and development department provide this industry with the required strength and quality of our boards; consequently we are constantly undergoing innovation. We are increasing the strength of our boards; at the same time, maintaining the weight and pricing of our product.

Cartonal Protection Boards are corrugated Polypropylene sheets that protect waterproofing membranes from backfill or concrete pour. We are able to protect a range of waterproofing from epoxy coatings, bituminous membranes, to EPDM & PVC sheets.

Cartonal’s thickness range from 2mm (1100 Newton) to 5mm (2000 Newton +) depending on the requirement set by the consultants, and the specific needs of the construction site
Cartonal prides itself on its products being quality and specification driven. All our tests are performed at credible laboratories such as the AUB Engineering Lab and the Dubai Municipal Labs Certificates.

Our list of completed projects in the area is quite large and is available upon request. Projects include Dubai International Airport terminal 3, Dubai Jafsa Airport, Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Numerous Towers in Dubai. Beirut International Airport, Solidaire Infrastructure, Marina tower Beirut, 4 Seasons Hotel Beirut, etc…

If you require any more information about Cartonal our website has downloadable PDF files with technical information and application guidelines for our product.