PRO-DRAIN System 5mm


Protection Boards

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PRO-DRAIN is a 1m x 2m x 5mm polypropylene board comprising of 2 layers, one on top of the other spaced and joined together with ribs. The ribs are 5mm in height and run the full length of the board at 4mm intervals creating a set of adjacent 4x5mm vertical channels. 1mm horizontal channels are cut through the top layer of the board across the full width of the board perpendicular to the vertical channels every 22cm leaving the bottom layer intact. The horizontal channels are deep enough to allow water to pass through the board into the vertical channels and flow to the drainage outlet.


Technical Data

Size 1mx2m
Thickness aprox. 5mm
Approximate weight 750 gm/sq.m
Compressive strength ≥ 3.8Kg/
Tear Resistance (ASTM D 1004) 15 Kg
Water absorbtion (ASTM 1004) nil
Linear dimensional change due to
accelerated ageing (ASTM D 104)
Resistance to 60% NaOh
(ASTM D 543)
not affected
Resistance to 30% NaOh
(ASTM D 543)
not affected
Resistance to 30% H2 SO4
(ASTM D 543)
not affected
Resistance to 10% HCI
(ASTM D 543)
not affected
IZOD impact resistance
(ASTM D 256) at 20C
IZOD impact resistance
(ASTM D 256) at 7C
Resistance to puncture
(BS EN ISO 12236:2006)
≥ 1700 newton


On Vertical Surfaces

PRO-DRAIN is applied directly against the retaining wall or the excavation wall and in front of the concrete-reinforcing steel bars. Concrete is poured with Pro-Drain boards in place.
The side with the horizontal cut channel is placed facing the excavation wall with a 5cm to 10cm lap to the Pro-Drain board below (similar to roof tiles) allowing any seeping water to pass through the board.
The vertical channels inside the board, formed by the ribs and two faces of the board, will carry the water down to the drainage outlet. The solid surface of the board facing the concrete structure saves the basement wall from water contamination and dampness.

In some cases, when necessary, a geotextile can be used to prevent obstruction of the vertical channels by fine particles. In this situation, the geotextile is placed between the Pro-Drain and the excavation wall.

(see picture of underground parking garage)